Headshots for a company!

I totally enjoy shooting anything people-related, which is lucky, because people are the “things” I shoot. Here are some corporate headshots I did for a Manhattan-based company just last month.
Corporate Headshots by Rita Rose Photography

I REALLY like working in a fast-paced, slightly anxiety-provoking environment. To me, it’s the chaotic shoots that are the most challenging and rewarding. When you are shooting corporate headshots you have to climb inside a person’s head and feel their psychology as soon as they enter the room. Then, you have to pry them open and get them to relax. In a way, company headshots are more difficult than wedding shoots (where the bride and groom have enough time to get used to the photographer’s presence and be able to relax). For corporate headshots, you usually have 5-10 minutes per person.

I use distraction a lot when photographing people. To distract I often put a strong emphasis on posing (which kills two birds with one stone, since it also poses them in a way that’s flattering to their body type). Even before I start shooting, I will concentrate on straightening their back, or putting their weight on one leg. If this lets the person forget, even for a moment, that they are being photographed, then I’ve done my job.