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  • Cydny and Marc - Engagement Session

  • Cydny and Marc are the cutest couple whose wedding I just shot last month and am almost done editing. I wanted to put these engagement pictures up before they have grandbabies : ) OK, it was actually a really nice sunny day... so last somber picture. Promise.
  • A Baptism Story

  • Anessa sits on her daddy's lap in a full white dress, waiting to greet all the guests that have come to celebrate. To see (and purchase) all the photos from this event, please click HERE. She shares her spacious bedroom with her twin sister, Aliana. The two munchkins are held by their God [...]
  • Wedding: Adam and Pete (Four Seasons, Manhattan)

  • After being together for more than a decade, Adam and Pete decided to seal the deal with a lovely wedding at the Four Seasons in Manhattan. (I was referred to them by Fran, an amazing past bride of mine whose wedding I shot a while ago and whom I was psyched to see at the wedding. Their very adorab[...]
  • Why imperfect pictures are awesome.

  • Meet Simon the baby. I totally melt when I see him... how could you not? I knew David and Maya when they were still young and dating... wait, they are still really young. They are definitely one of my favorite families. Here is why I love slightly imperfect pictures. They convey a mood tha[...]