Why I sometimes make my clients freeze : )

Portraits and headshots come in one big clump for me. One needs the other. And I love them both. The reason they are so much fun for me is that, unlike wedding photography (which I also obviously love) portraits come with more control for me in terms of time, lighting conditions, etc.
Headshots Men New York - Company Headshots by RitaRosePhotography

David needed some photography for his graphic design business and approached me to do them. This shoot was in Columbus Circle – half in the park and half in the mall! This was in the middle of the freezing winter, so after about 15 minutes we sought shelter inside (this was pre-planned since I knew we would freeze). This lovely gray wall was on the third floor, with diffused window lighting coming from David’s right.

I hear you saying “why don’t you have a studio so that your clients don’t have to freeze their tuchus off?”. For me, studio photography isn’t natural enough. There are also not enough variations in backgrounds. The idea of a backdrop makes me shudder (although never say never, of course). I love the imperfections in nature and if you play it right, they will only enrich your images.