Ladies, here I come

Meet Arthur. He doesn’t speak yet, but is definitely ready to do some flirting with a lady photographer (me).

Ready to get rough on the court. I was a little intimidated by the toughness, but I had to get over that. :P
Toddler standing on a basketball court - Boston, New York, Miami

Love the sunshine in the back of the mother and child. It’s coming from the back left, and highlights their faces in a perfect way, while also adding some lense flare… which I happen to be a big fan of.
Mother looking at her child on a sunny lawn - Boston, New York, Miami

I like the contrast of the excited pose of the toddler and the looming dramatic black and white post processing of this photo.
Little boy sitting on a lawn - black and white photography - Boston, New York, Miami

A little peak through the shoes..
Boy peeking through his feet - Boston, New York, Miami

The joy of being an airplane.
Black and white photography - little boy being picked up by parent - Boston, New York, Miami