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  • Flamenco Dancing in Florentine, Israel

  • I have been a little bit away (in Israel) and not had time to post... BUT... that doesn't mean that I haven't been shooting exciting things... like flamenco dancing in a really cool neighborhood in Tel Aviv!!! Ronit is a talented dancer who has been dancing flamenco since age 6!!! When Ronit talke[...]
  • Moscow

  • A few months ago I had an opportunity of stopping for a few days in Moscow (while travelling abroad). Here is an image from "Arbat" Street, which is a pedestrian walkway filled with street performers, and apparently lots of pigeons. I don't know if the white balance of the photos makes it appare[...]
  • Brazil

  • I was very curious to go to Brazil (this was in 2009), mostly because of the music which I happen to adore. Feel free to browse some of my favorites below, or check out the entire Brazil gallery here! A body of water and two Brazilian girls dancing samba at a samba festival. In the home of f[...]
  • Why the chicken crossed the road

  • For some reason my trip to Guatemala (which happened about a year ago) has been coming up in conversation over and over again, and I decided to finally post it. I am really not good at remembering names of places that I've visited but I'll try my best. Here are some favorites (with a complete gall[...]