The green mask

Sometimes you end up buying a gooey mask with a cool sounding name at Duane Reade and applying it at home with a friend for no good reason other than to feel girly.  As my friend Keren was putting on her mask it reminded me of the many pre-wedding ceremony time when the bride is putting on her make-up or touching up… which happens to be one of my favorite moments to photograph.  First of all, the lighting is usually soft, because most of the time it's coming from the window, since it's early enough in the day to be light outside. Also, looking in the mirror often makes the subject a lot more relaxed, because they are facing something "familiar".  They are also involved in a task, which creates for a beautiful action shot and makes them forget your presence even if for a moment.  

I think that the kitchen background adds a really fun depth to the image.

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